La Salchipapa! the ultimate colombian snack!

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La salchipapa is a real treat! crunchy fried potatoes mixed with juicy sausage chunks and covered with a creamy “salsa rosada”
The term Salchipapa comes from the union of two spanish words salchicha” (sausage) and “papa” (potato). It is a very popular street food in latin american countries and a very commun option in the menus of many colombian fast food restaurants.
You can find Salchipapa populating the the little kiosks around universities and schools, most of us have very tender memories of salchipapas replacing the traditional “picada” for the perfect movie snack, no need for boring popcorn!

The traditional Salchipapa served at Las Orquideas RestaurantBut what makes a really traditional Salchipapa dish? We visited  las Orquideas restaurant to learn the secret, it all starts  start with the ingredients

The kind of potato

Papa pastusa or (pastusa potato)this kind of potato is typical of the “narino” region and has become a staple of colombian nutrition, its versatility make it the perfect option for stews, salads, and all kind of  dishes. When fried this potato gets golden crisp on the outside but very “meaty” and soft on the inside the perfect texture for the salchipapa fries.

The sausage cooking time and shape.

In salchipapas the sausage is sliced in little pieces; small “X “shape incisions are made at the end of each piece.  The sausage is then quickly deep fried until it gets a little brown and toasty. You will know they are ready when the incisions turn the meat out creating the traditional “star” shape.

the special “salsa rosada”

The real secret to a truly special salchipapa lies on the sauce. La salsa rosada originated from the marriage of ketchup and mayo.  At las Orquideas restaurant chef saucier  Consuelo Galdamez reinvented the traditional recipe for a more robust flavor with the addition of fine herbs, onion and the right proportion of mayo and ketchup. A delicious sauce that when combined with crispy potatoes and juicy sausage creates an explosion of flavors in your plate.

Come to Las Orquideas restaurant for the real salchipapa experience! and dont forget to ask for the sauce recipe, they might give it to you!

Las orquideas restaurant offers fresh and authentic colombian food, located in fort lauderdale and pompano Las Orquideas is open for breakfast, lunch, snacks, bakery or formal dinner.

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