Las Orquideas Restaurant Team



The local flavor of the Colombia’s unique and traditional food is cooked in the embers of “Las Orquideas Restaurant” in fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Here, the most delicious Latin cuisine is prepared with with great determination and love, Typical dishes that are the pride of its owner Fernando Gill, “paisa” and entrepreneur who has managed to make this little corner of Colombia, in South Florida, and icon as the most welcoming and familiar restaurant.


At Las Orquideas you can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes, such as “Bandeja Paisa”, specialty of the house, where tradition combines with taste; It is satisfying to see the looks of those who taste this dish, made with the finest, ingredients. And let’s not get started with the “sancocho” the deliciousness of this popular dish, can only be compared with the fame and acceptance of its clientele.

The restaurant and bakery Las Orquideas, is located on US-1 north of Commercial Blvd, equipped with a large parking lot and a comfortable and welcoming outdoor area, We pride ourselves about the attention of our staff willing to serve you with the utmost attention and great smiles. In or bakery we offer Pandebonos, empanadas, Arepas con queso, Chorizo, Morcilla, Torta negra, Buñuelos, in short, a whole variety of Colombian authentic delights.

We also offer weekly lunch specials with a variety of menus. its decoration and the sweet arome from our kitchen will entice you and invite you to enjoy and remember “nuestra tierra”